Five Conversation Pointers to Get Your Contractors on Your Social Media Campaign

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Some companies have the luxury of rotating social media assignments among team members. But for the rest of us, a little creativity is required to get our people to contribute to our corporate message. Here are five conversation pointers that will transform your reluctant contractors into social media advocates.


“What’s in it for me?”

Don’t assume that your contractors have the same business mindset that you do. Take the time to blow apart any misconceptions that they are simply passive recipients of work. Educate them on their value and their ability to make things happen. They need to know that your role is that of a facilitator – and that social media is their opportunity to sell their services. Consider some in-house incentives like recognition, monthly drawings, and payments to maintain momentum.

“What do I say?”

Your contractors have loads to say as industry experts—and requesting one piece of information each month for your campaign is a reasonable expectation. Here are a handful of ways they can share their perspective:

▪ Upcoming industry event, workshop, or class

▪ Helpful tip

▪ Relevant articles, news, or other links

▪ Photo from an industry event or project

▪ Inspirational quote

▪ Blog post or article about your service/product

▪ Fun fact or statistic

▪ Inspirational client story

▪ Update on a current project

“How do I say it?”

Writing a blog post doesn’t have to be intimidating. Give your contractors with a few samples, and show them this easy step-by-step guide to writing their own blog post.

“How do I post it?”

Until you have a few seasoned, trusted folks, hang on to your online controls. Designate one person who will be responsible for collecting contributions, filtering, editing, and posting.

“When do I get started?”

Get the party started by introducing them to your online audience. Kick-start their presence by featuring a photograph, a brief contractor interview, and some ways that prospects can get in touch. Here are a few sample questions to get started:

▪ What services do you provide?

▪ Tell us about a memorable project.

▪ What do you like best about your job?

▪ Have you won any awards?

▪ Why did you choose this career?

▪ Who or what has been most influential in your career or the way you work?

Your contractors are an invaluable resource for your marketing plan. Educate them on their role, equip them with a few tools, and then turn over the mic for a vibrant, sustainable social media campaign!

Ella Hearrean Ritchie is the owner of Stellar Communications, a Houston-based publishing company that delivers quality editing, writing, and publishing services on time to nonfiction authors, business leaders, nonprofit organizations, and federal government agencies.  Connect with her on LinkedIn or check out her website for more information.


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