Six Simple Steps to Writing a Blog Post

Writing a blog post doesn’t have to be intimidating. Take a look at the anatomy of the previous post — and follow the same six simple steps to write one of your own.

Step 1: Title
Here’s a tried-and-true formula to help you think up short, catchy headlines: Number + Adjective + Target Keyword + Promise.

Step 2: Image
Search online for an appealing image to go with your topic. Be sure to credit the source in the caption.

Step 3: Introduction
blog intro
This is your “teaser.” Write two to three sentences telling your readers what they’ll get out of the blog post.

Step 4: Body
Split up your story or tips into a few short sections to make it a fast, easy read. Support each section with two to five sentences, keeping your entire blog post to only 300 to 500 words.
blog body

Step 5: Conclusion
blog conclusion
This is your “highlights reel.” Recap the most important take-aways in two to three sentences, mentioning the benefit to your reader. Consider concluding with a question for your reader.

Step 6: Bio
blog bio
End with an italicized sentence or two that briefly tells your name, title, company, mission, and the best way to find out more or to get in touch.


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