4 Reasons to Publish in 2016

Happy-New-Year-Greetings-Best“We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night telling itself stories.” – Jonathan Gottschall

We love stories. They grab our attention, inspire us, influence our worldview, and teach us new things. Best of all, everyone has a different and interesting story to tell.

That’s why we’ve added nonfiction publishing to our services this year. Our team can’t resist the way books bring out the best in our clients and the people around them.

Is there a story that you have been waiting to tell? Here are four reasons that 2016 is the year for YOU to publish your book.

#1 Share your story

Have you overcome any personal or professional obstacles? Have you followed a unique and exciting career path? Share your personal legacy with people on a similar journey who are hungry for your insight and wisdom. Plus, you can then cross “write a memoir” off your bucket list!

#2 Expand your business and influence

Everyone from YouTubers to actors to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are writing books. That’s because it’s an impressive way to build your brand and create name recognition. It’s become the Holy Grail of business cards – and it establishes your industry expertise far better than a traditional business card ever could. Today, with the development of assisted publishing, the Holy Grail is actually attainable.

#3 Create awareness for your cause

Are you struggling to build support and momentum for your non-profit organization? Writing a book about a cause or an idea that you are passionate about can help inspire and spur others to action as well. Your stories and statistics will educate and move your readers to take compassionate action.

#4 Showcase your professional accomplishments

Maybe you’re not ready to publish a book but do want to improve the image of your company. Consider smaller forms of publications like case studies, fresh website content, updated business cards, improved operation manuals, or brochures and reports with graphic design.

The possibilities – and the rewards – are limitless. Books can widen your influence, grow your business, share your passions, and polish your professional image.

Get out there and tell your story!

Kristen Sauer is a writer and editor for Stellar Communications, a Houston-based publishing company that provides business communications and book publishing services for nonfiction authors, businesses, nonprofit organizations and other publishers. Follow us on LinkedIn or visit our website for more information.

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