Become the Media

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Jello Biafra, a former lead singer for the punk rock band Dead Kennedys, once said, “Don’t hate the media; become the media.” The songwriter and political activist combined his bold ideas and artistic talent to impact the worlds of music and politics.

As you reflect on this year and prepare for the next, consider this: How will you become the media in 2015? Real change happens in your personal and professional life when you share your ideas with the world.

Identify one goal in your professional and personal life in which you want to make progress. Perhaps you want a better job or to promote a cause.

Now, list the people, resources, and actions with which you can make that goal happen. Be specific about how you will use communication to reach your goal. What action can you take or product can you make to speak to the world? What ideas, images, and strengths will you convey? What misunderstandings, assumptions, and weaknesses will you break down?

Here are some ways to create or revamp your message for the world. Which will add momentum to your goal?

  • Article
  • Artwork
  • Biography
  • Blog
  • Book
  • Brochure
  • Business cards
  • Case study
  • Cover letter
  • Email ad
  • Facebook page
  • Flyer
  • Grant
  • Header
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Logo
  • Photograph
  • Performance
  • Press release
  • Media kit
  • Music
  • Newsletter
  • Radio spot
  • Resume
  • Signage for your place of business
  • Speech
  • Television spot
  • Twitter account
  • Video
  • Website

Once you’ve nailed down your goal and the action you will take to reach it, set a deadline for yourself and ask someone to hold you accountable. If you have ideas but need help articulating them, consult with a writer. The right message with the right method will yield results. Share with me the results of your media in 2015!

Ella Hearrean of Stellar Communications is a Houston-based freelance editor and writer for companies, publishers, and other writers. Connect with her on LinkedIn or check out her website.

The Surprising Choice for Your Next Project Manager

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Business leaders depend on writers for great words. But did you know that a great writer can also be a great leader? The next time you’re looking for a leader in initiatives related to corporate communications, human resources, or public relations, consider your writer at the top of the list. Here are the reasons why:

1. A great writer will make sense of your vision.

The sole purpose of a writer is to communicate your thoughts to an audience. So, a great writer can quickly grab hold of your vision and provide an easy translation for your people. This means your writer will draw on your strengths — your clearly defined goals — and use them to motivate your team.

But a writer also offers a fresh perspective that can pinpoint your weaknesses — the areas of your message that are vague and need development. With this honest feedback, your vision can be presented to your team in a powerful way that sets a clear direction.

2. A great writer will provide better documentation.

A writer clearly understands her role within your project: to create order for your people the same way she creates order for your words. While your people — the subject matter experts — to do their job, she can plan a schedule, maintain deadlines, and document processes. Her excellent documentation will complement your existing people and processes.

3. A great writer will be more productive.

This is especially true if you hire a freelancer with whom you’ve agreed upon a flat project fee. Her time is her currency, so she will be motivated to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Regardless, without the distractions of office politics and competing job duties, she’ll remain committed to a schedule and will hold people accountable to deadlines.

4. A great writer will provide more resources.

Many freelancers network with other providers across industries. So, tapping into the knowledge of a freelance writer also means tapping into her network of resources. Through her, you’ll be able to get connected to other writers, graphic designers, website developers, and cartoonists, for example. And with more resources, your vision can move in more creative directions.

Not all writers have the skills to lead all projects, so find out about their experience in project management. You’ll likely find a writer who has the experience and insight to lead through a clearly defined vision, better documentation, more productivity, and more resources.

Ella Hearrean of Stellar Communications is a Houston-based freelance editor and writer for business leaders, publishers, and other writers. Connect with her on LinkedIn at or check out her website at